The smallest of all gundogs, the american cocker spaniel was created in a relatively short period of time .It originated from selective breeding of the cocker spaniel.It has a shorter muzzle,
the head is more domed and has a luxurious coat. the eyes are larger and rounder and very appealing. The body is firmly muscled and solidly boned. It is usually trimmer than the
cocker spaniel. It has high endurance levels and is robust. The breed is capable of endurance and speed despite its coat and pretty looks.
Measurements are height13-14 inches in a female and 14-15 in a male approx. Weight is generally between 24-28 lb/11-13kg.

The breed has a lovable nature and easy-going disposition that make them ideal companions and family pets. They are generally tolerant of other dogs, are responsive to training and
generally highly playful. they can be good watchdogs Spaying and neutering are recommeded early in life to prevent certain diseases/conditions such as breast cancer and pyometria
and testicular or prostrate cancer in the boys. This is recommended in all breeds of dogs.

A lways buy a.puppy where you can see its mother and from seeing the conditions of how it was living.

A puppy should be no younger than 8 weeks old at time of purchase. Know the difference between k.c. reg and a
pedigree. ASK the breeder! ASK the breeder about anything you want to know. The breeder should give you some
food that the puppy has been eating and an information pack.
Always ask the breeder any questions or information that you may want to know.