Our puppies leave here with a full pedigree, puppy information pack and
foodpack .Also Kennel Club registration certificate. unless otherwise
stated as not KC Regd . On going help and advice always available
We offer a lifetime of support to new owners and give 10
days total refund policy. We also insist on our puppies
being returned to us, at any age if the need arises.

DOCKING - The removal of
dogs' tails is banned in
England (6th April 2007),
Wales (30th March 2007) -
excluding therapeutic and for
certain truly working breeds
governed by regulation. Dogs
born after 6th April 2007
cannot be shown with docked
tails at fee paying shows in
the UK.
Scotland - tail docking except
for therapeutic reasons has
been banned in Scotland as
from 30th April, 2007. Dogs
born after 6th April 2007
cannot cross borders to be
More information on cockapoos can be found on bottom link
We have 4 generations of our
american cocker spaniels living with
us so you can see how healthy and
sound they all are
We have Cockapoo puppies available, please contact us for details 01634 242616

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